Creature Features

Impulsive creature with no clear features

to distinguish from; easier though, only one such mutant

walks alone shrouded by a normal crowd.


playing with words again

Scream no one can hear

Come undone no one can see


Dream screams; no one hears,

they’ve lost their ears.

Stab wounds, there is no blood,

no scars, no love.


Why, why, why.

Do you think you

need to know why.


Spread your arms, flap and run,

perhaps you will take flight, like a penguin.


I am a balloon. I float above the town, a renegade.



Beer, wine and a bottle of whiskey.

Marlboros, a joint, just you and me.






No smiles, just tears, no hope, just fears. No, no, no, no, no…


featured image by BLT

Truth-Less Ruthless Ruth

I have thoughts about many things in life but when I think about expressing my thoughts through writing, sometimes I stop, I think, then I do something unrelated to writing; like doing the laundry or sorting paper work. Not that laundry and sorting papers are not fine topics for writing, because I can picture a rather bizarre laundry story which I call:



Ruth hangs the freshly washed laundry on the community clothes line. Each wet clothing item is now drying, anchored with 2 or 3 clothespins.

Ruth turns and returns to the laundry room. There she is met by another “member” of the local trailer park,  Bobby Jo Tobert, with Bobby is her boyfriend.

Ruth doesn’t recall his name.

Ruth says: “Hey there boy. What’s your name?”

(The boy shrugs Ruth off.)

Ruth continues:

“They call me truth-less-ruthless Ruth,

and laundry is my lethal game.”

(The boy stares at Ruth.)

“You don’t know me, but be forewarned,

mess with my laundry and you will be harmed.”

(The boy runs.)

Ruth laughs.

Staring (Part Two)

I’m going to write a happy rhyme.

Imaging “magic” words in line,

about life, so glorious and true,

filled with love, laughter and a cold brew.

I’m going to my happy place.

Where there is always a smiley face,

round, yellow, with an upturned line,

to show the joy in this heart of mine.

Yes, I’m going to write a happy rhyme.

Let the contentment fill my mind,

as I try and share the fantastic feeling

I get when I’m staring at the ceiling.


(have a beautiful day, I say)