Rated M for Mature

I usually avoid swearing when I write, strange, really since I swear like a drunken sailor when I speak. So the next few lines are riddled with my favorite word but this is not the way I normally write.

(The next few thoughts I wrote a few weeks ago when I was extremely upset.)


Thinking about-No, Dwelling on shit

Pissed off as fuck ‘n’ ready to hit-

that motherfucker-right in the kneecap-

with a baseball bat then wrap-

my hands around his fat fucking neck-

and squeeze the life out of that fucking dick.


Hopscotch, cross-tops, criss cross,

I’m pissed off-I’m fucked up-

So fuck off-Yeah, get screwed-

you fucking fool-You’re such a tool-

A fucking dong-like King Kong-

You’re so wrong.


You’re such a fool

You’re such a waste

Go fuck yourself

hurry up, make haste.


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