Condemned aka I should have known

Spies disguised as virtual forms.
Please enter your information.
Data collected and analyzed.
Now you will burn, in hell, for being yourself.

Don’t play innocent, they don’t care,
the spies hiding behind the computers.
Spies? What spies?
The ones with eyes on everyone.

Programming your life in front of your face;
yet behind your back; with your permission.
Lack of deceit in your heart and a promise of freedom
and now you are condemned by them.


Photograph by BLT

Truth-Less Ruthless Ruth

I have thoughts about many things in life but when I think about expressing my thoughts through writing, sometimes I stop, I think, then I do something unrelated to writing; like doing the laundry or sorting paper work. Not that laundry and sorting papers are not fine topics for writing, because I can picture a rather bizarre laundry story which I call:



Ruth hangs the freshly washed laundry on the community clothes line. Each wet clothing item is now drying, anchored with 2 or 3 clothespins.

Ruth turns and returns to the laundry room. There she is met by another “member” of the local trailer park,  Bobby Jo Tobert, with Bobby is her boyfriend.

Ruth doesn’t recall his name.

Ruth says: “Hey there boy. What’s your name?”

(The boy shrugs Ruth off.)

Ruth continues:

“They call me truth-less-ruthless Ruth,

and laundry is my lethal game.”

(The boy stares at Ruth.)

“You don’t know me, but be forewarned,

mess with my laundry and you will be harmed.”

(The boy runs.)

Ruth laughs.

The Un-Family

Family                 a fantasy            of love.

Untrue                 this fantasy        of family.

Cloudy                 my memories     as a child.

Loyalty                misplaced           a lie.

Trust                             this family           no more.

Exit                      this illusion         any door.