It is comforting to know God is watching over all.
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Bevy of Quail

God named all the stars in the Heavens which reminds me that He has all authority over Heaven and Earth. This is comforting to me.

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i want to write (another try)

Sunshine, flowers, and butterflies in the breeze.

I take a deep breath and I drop to my knees.

I pray for a day free of violence and hate.

It all starts with me, I need to walk straight.

Rid my mind of the fog that hides the light.

Focus on blessings infinite and all that is right.

Kratom-Make a stand for personal choices.

Subject: Keep Kratom Legal in Kansas


The National Kratom Coalition represents consumers to ensure they have legal access to the natural plant called kratom. NKC develops public policy recommendations and promotes scientific research into the way kratom can be used to enrich life.

That’s why I signed a petition to The Kansas State House.

Will you sign this petition? Click here: