The Rat (playing with words)


It was a fat rat.

A bratty tat-tat rat.

The way it sat.

A tatty tat-tat rat.

It wore a hat.

A ratty tat-tat hat.

A brat rat,

to sell, a ratty old mat-mat.



never ending

Each night turns me into sleep.

Each morning has me aware.

Each tick of time passes by.

And boredom has me scared.


Every nightmare has me hiding.

Subconscious sinister shadows.

My dreaming eyes will never close.

Sculptures made from blood stained Play-Doh.


Nowhere to disguise myself.

Nightmares don’t allow trap doors.

Every pathway is another horror.

Never ending until the morn.

one, two, cha cha cha…


I keep trying to force love from knocking in my heart.


I try to keep the hate outside but the darkness knows no boundaries and will not hide.


All the empty pounding makes a lie out of truth and the truth denies the lie trampling itself under boot.