playing with words again

Scream no one can hear

Come undone no one can see


Dream screams; no one hears,

they’ve lost their ears.

Stab wounds, there is no blood,

no scars, no love.


Why, why, why.

Do you think you

need to know why.


Spread your arms, flap and run,

perhaps you will take flight, like a penguin.


I am a balloon. I float above the town, a renegade.



Beer, wine and a bottle of whiskey.

Marlboros, a joint, just you and me.






No smiles, just tears, no hope, just fears. No, no, no, no, no…


featured image by BLT

The Un-Family

Family                 a fantasy            of love.

Untrue                 this fantasy        of family.

Cloudy                 my memories     as a child.

Loyalty                misplaced           a lie.

Trust                             this family           no more.

Exit                      this illusion         any door.

Staring (Part Two)

I’m going to write a happy rhyme.

Imaging “magic” words in line,

about life, so glorious and true,

filled with love, laughter and a cold brew.

I’m going to my happy place.

Where there is always a smiley face,

round, yellow, with an upturned line,

to show the joy in this heart of mine.

Yes, I’m going to write a happy rhyme.

Let the contentment fill my mind,

as I try and share the fantastic feeling

I get when I’m staring at the ceiling.


(have a beautiful day, I say)