Turbo Silence

turbo silence


Dark Water


Dark, the bats,

say it’s dark.

And it is dark,

even for bats.






the water?

Do you hear?

I hear water.

Which way?

So hard to pinpoint

where the sound

is coming from.

The little girl in the yellow rain slicker

whispers to us as surely as can be

the water is there

and there it is,


Now close your eyes

and your mouth.


cease to care

about the dark.

spiders and a corncob

Where a lawn used to flourish

now grows a weed forest.

Within the forest a collection of trash,

and empty liquor bottles decorate dead grass.

My fascination lies beyond the weeds,

an old abandoned house beckons to me.

With promises of secrets and dark treasures to be found,

I jog through the jug graveyard, up the stairs I bound.

I glance through one of its broken eyes;

I see spiders and used syringes inside.

The front door of this structure is missing its knob;

The hole now filled with a half rotting corncob.

Okay, so, this place is creepy as fuck.

I love to explore but I won’t push my luck.