if I may be so bold

It’s not that a person agrees with or even accepts another person’s opinion or lifestyle; it is about loving another person no matter the differences, that is love.



Kratom. My right to choose, your right to choose. My right to an honest government. Your right to an honest government.

Note: I am an advocate for the use of Kratom.

Our right to choose what we put into our bodies if we indeed to choose to use Kratom for pain, anxiety, and the list goes on and on, should be OUR CHOICE.

I care to share the following message if you care to read it.




This message is from:
MMM Speciosa
PO Box 143179, Austin, TX, 78714
tel. 512-920-0536

As you know, the people’s choice to use kratom as we see fit has come under attack on several fronts by entities that stand to lose financially were they to leave it alone.

In the legal realm, of course the old news is that the FDA very much wants to criminalize a product that is far less harmful than many products which they sanction and even encourage, under the guise of saving us from ourselves. In fact, we believe, through first-hand experience and second-hand testimonials that kratom is saving lives and relationships; it is improving quality of life. It is important to recognize that federal authority is not the only concern – proposed new legislation to restrict or ban kratom currently exists in Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Tennessee (to clarify the existing law).

The propaganda machine working to undermine the truth has been busy, with several media outlets unwittingly parroting the FDA’s misplaced concern and the flawed logic displayed in their January and February statements. Essentially FDA Commisioner Gottleib equates kratom to opioids and attempts to assign causation in a relatively small number of unfortunate situations in which the harmful role of kratom is surmised in the presence of many complicating circumstances which, if using sensible judgement, would prevent scientific methods from drawing any conclusions. Additionally, claims made about kratom regarding respiratory depression contradict longstanding conclusions both anecdotally and in published studies. We of course do respect the possibility of unknown mechanisms in rare situations, but is kratom really worthy of the attention as the FDA claims? We think not.  What clear evidence has been provided that links kratom to health dangers, even as its benefits are so well known?

While there have been a few articles that introduce the “grain of salt” necessary when considering any claims made by people who have financial conflicts of interest relating to the topic at hand, the majority have served to move the balance of perception for the uninitiated more to the negative. We encourage you to create a Google alert for “kratom” and address bad information with facts when one of these articles pops up, either in comments when available or directly, through letters to editors/authors. News outlets often take a second look and provide edits when their readership pushes back. The American Kratom Association has good information on how to respond with facts. In particular, please review the Feb 8th letter from a collection of scientists calling out the FDA’s bad methods and claims:


On the feasibility front, it is well known that the FDA stance has made it difficult for banks to knowingly provide their underwriting services for the purpose of enabling merchant services (ie, debit/credit card acceptance) to the kratom industry. The latest propaganda assault has only drawn more attention to this. Even high-risk merchant services want nothing to do with kratom and other low-controversy products like CBD oil. Unlike with CBD products, though, the FDA is going further by suggesting that actual danger is likely to exist with kratom. Our view is that kratom does not have the same public acceptance and pro-legalization momentum as marijuana and its derivatives and thus is an easier target for duping the public with fear and deceit.

Therefore, our unified and informed response is required. Please sign the AKA’s latest petition to the Whitehouse and encourage anyone you know to add their voice by visiting this link:


Lastly, because the AKA is an organization of full time employees with hired legal and lobbying firms, please consider donating one time or monthly at this link:


Please understand that the forces pushing kratom prohibition have not slowed their endeavor, and if the will of the people is not heard, it cannot stand against this illegitimate manipulation of our government.

Team MS

Kratom-Make a stand for personal choices.

Subject: Keep Kratom Legal in Kansas


The National Kratom Coalition represents consumers to ensure they have legal access to the natural plant called kratom. NKC develops public policy recommendations and promotes scientific research into the way kratom can be used to enrich life.

That’s why I signed a petition to The Kansas State House.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:



it bites

most often, than not, I write in MS Word (big pain in the ass that it is) and then copy to WordPress.

This is what happens if i try and think of something to write direct to WordPress blog.

I can’t think of anything to write.


let’s see…


can’t think of thing.

I was trained in Microsoft Windows XP O.S. and Office Suite. I adore Windows XP and Office XP.

Now XP are dinosaurs and I am stuck with Windows 10 and Office 365 (days of the year of frustration).

Just saying. It bites.


I’m not interested in forgiving.

I’m interested in forgetting.

I’m not interested in healing.

I’m interested in my scars.

I’m not interested in “slogan” therapy.

I’m interested in individuality.

I’m not interested in “joining” in.

I’m interested in my right to decline.

Kratom: fight for your right to choose

People, stand against false propaganda spread by the government and Law enforcement of the United States of America…

People, fight for your right to choose!

Please read:



I don’t how many more rights we can surrender to big money and the government before we are swallowed up never to be seen again.

Even if this is not your fight, make sure you stand up for your rights!

Make a stand. Go down swinging and come up bleeding and smiling at the bastards.


discover my hangups/blame them on you

To Me:

I insist on the discovery of something “new”, I mean anything.  Sounds easy, seems like a natural activity.

The amount of discoveries already found, or invented, or claimed by another are just that. For example, the discovery of gravity, although very interesting and not to be undone or considered a lie is still just gravity. My point being, that the discovery of gravity has no bearing on what we can discover on our own.  (dear reader feel free to disagree with me) just remember I am writing this for me and no one else.

What I love about discovery is you can take it, claim it as your own, and then either prove it or disprove it.

Most problematic is the original idea. What have I discovered? Has someone else already found this same idea? If they have come up with the same idea…may I meet them please and see if they want to fuck (I mean compare thoughts).

I rack my brain and I can’t think of any original thoughts that I might have had in recent years, but who knows what kind of worlds I spun in my childhood. (Well I do, at least some of them).

My childhood is gone. In it’s place is the age I am now; here I discover truth, pain, and love in a way, but not in all ways; meaning love is subjective.

At the beginning of this little opinion I insisted on a new discovery, no excuses, no giving up.

Here is my discovery:

Personal discovery:  My body is changing in ways I thought would never happen. When I was young, I swore my body would be forever perfect. (not saying I was perfect by the United States chart of perfection) but my bones didn’t move, poke out, teeth didn’t fall out and my eyes didn’t change every year. Plus mentally wow, the older I get the crazier shit i believe will happen at any given moment.

Wanna know why?  It is all about life experience. The more pain, sorrow, jail time, abuse, bullying, and being shunned by society you receive, the more your body, mind, and soul soak it in. With me it produced fear, anxiety, anger and a need to be on the defensive.

I love to hide. I love to be alone. Which leads to another discovery.

People in general need other people around them. The social climate, the conversations, the relating to common problems and solutions bring humans together.

Here is the kicker…watch your shin…

I call my discovery “leave me alone” discovery. This discovery is blown out of the water by everyone I discuss it with and although they have a point, their point serves only to poke them in the eye.

Fact:  I am living proof of a non acceptable person in this society.

I remember my first encounter with my grade school “peers”, it was pure confusion that became horror and then I found my shell and tried my damnedest to hide there.

This discovery is longer than I want so I will say this:

Of these bullies or hottie totties who treated me like I was less than human, I feel you might have had your own troubles at home which you expressed by tormenting others.  Guess What? I would still knock your teeth in if I had the chance, because I think you deserve it. And honestly I feel 50% of you were not abused but you were just plain fucking mean and I would bury you in a hot second.

I am the great wasted mind who will keep thinking of things needing my discovery.

I have to know why, I want to understand why an egg and a sperm meet and form a human being. And then why that human being? And then why those parents? And then why the hate? And then why the chaos? So many questions in my mind, and I don’t care if anyone else cares about these things. I love when someone else does though.

My discoveries come through answers, not ignorance. Or perhaps vice versa.

Why do humans hate? How do humans claim love? Honestly, you can’t love the hate and hate the love. All the fucked up bullshit, in my book, in your book is a different read. Does that mean you or I need to physically harm another for not coming to the same discovery that we claim for our own?

Note: I wrote this 2 months ago, but it is now I feel like daring to share it.






















prove it