but it doesn’t

Christmas time equals nothing

to me. It should stand for love,

giving and charity; BUT IT DOESN’T.


playing with words again

Scream no one can hear

Come undone no one can see


Dream screams; no one hears,

they’ve lost their ears.

Stab wounds, there is no blood,

no scars, no love.


Why, why, why.

Do you think you

need to know why.


Spread your arms, flap and run,

perhaps you will take flight, like a penguin.


I am a balloon. I float above the town, a renegade.



Beer, wine and a bottle of whiskey.

Marlboros, a joint, just you and me.






No smiles, just tears, no hope, just fears. No, no, no, no, no…


featured image by BLT


Writing about love is difficult for me.

My relationships were not the best, you see.

I’m not sure if what we had was love;

looking back at it now, it was all push and shove,

all fighting and jealousy, and way to much drink,

Too much crying, hate spewed and it makes me think

the thing we called love was so far from it;

more like an anti-love with a cherry upon it.

Condemned aka I should have known

Spies disguised as virtual forms.
Please enter your information.
Data collected and analyzed.
Now you will burn, in hell, for being yourself.

Don’t play innocent, they don’t care,
the spies hiding behind the computers.
Spies? What spies?
The ones with eyes on everyone.

Programming your life in front of your face;
yet behind your back; with your permission.
Lack of deceit in your heart and a promise of freedom
and now you are condemned by them.


Photograph by BLT


(this one was in drafts although I am sure it is published on my blog somewhere already)


Could it be my life won’t end with a knife stuck in my heart ‘cuz I’m falling apart?
Could tomorrow bring a sliver of hope, give me the will to live without doing some dope?
Could my mind go to a happy place? Could a smile somehow form on my face?
Could it be my life won’t end with my throat
broken; me dangling from the end of a rope?
Could tomorrow begin with a ray of sunshine?
Could an arrow of clarity Pierce my mind?